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side board "Klassik", with 3 drawers

Item No.: 108023-
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Shabby chic
Item No.:
MDF & Paulownia
23 cm
34 cm
64 cm
Item Weight:
0 kg
Box Weight:
8 kg
Box Dimensions:
30x76x41 cm
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Anandi Sidechair
Item No.: 152008-LINEN-ST-GREY
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Steel 2pcs Chair set Steel frame, PE wicker
weaving,:8*1.1mm flat wicker + F7mm round 3cm thickness seat cushion*2,180g
polyester cushion covers
Item No.: 24939-STUHL 2ER SET
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picture frame
Item No.: 112053-CREAM
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Wood side table "Amazonia" height ca. 37 cm,
Ø 80cm, natural colored
Item No.: 170009-NATUR
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Danish Egg Chair
Item No.: 151009-GALATA-RED
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deco vase modern
Item No.: 103038-BLACK
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Detroit Armchair
Item No.: 151018-COLUMBIA-BROW
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Fleamarket Armchair
Item No.: 104016-ANTIC-WHISKY
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Daybed with pop-up table, cushion thickness 7cm
180gr polyester,color code FGREY06-180, D17 FSC 100% Acacia (Mangium)
Oil finishing TPF-A129, KD 175lbs carton
Item No.: 60897-FSC
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128G,A5 X'MAS REINDEER GIFT BAG, SHINY FINISH Set of 12, very strong OPP Bag
closed, barcodesticker at the oppbag, each bag customer brand on the
bottom. 16 Set in master carton - no innerbox cutting protect in the
Item No.: BAM40130-12
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Wooden side table "Amazonia"
Height 54 cm, Ø 39cm natural
Item No.: 170008-NATUR
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wooden boxes "Raphael", set of 3
Fruits/Herbs/Garden , wood
Item No.: 110010-NATURAL
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Item No.: 131005-DARK-GREY
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side board with mirror
Item No.: 108047-ANTIQUE-BEIGE
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Las Vegas Leather Armchair
Item No.: 151005-COLUMBIA-BROW
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London Trunk
Item No.: 104042-BLACK-STEEL
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Oviedo Lounge Chair
Item No.: 104106-GALATA-RED
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set of two SANTA W.STICK
- stick in two parts
Packing: 1 Set wrapped in bubble foil then in 5ply brown box
Item No.: 15011-
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San Diego Leather Armchair
Item No.: 151013-COLUMBIA-BROW
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San Diego Leathersofa
Item No.: 151014-GALATA-RED
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Stonyhurst Lamptable Small
Item No.: 104051-BLACK-STEEL
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Tribeca 2 Seater Sofa
Item No.: 104203-GALATA-EBONY
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vases set of 3
Item No.: 103023-BLACK
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Watson Medium Trunk
Item No.: 104198-STARS&STRIPES
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